Savory Special Order




Special Occasions call for special flavors. Get 5 gallons of one of our savory specialties. A typical party including additional food and snack items with require 2 to 3 cups per person. There 80 cups in 5 gallons and should feed about 32 guest. When planning a party we find that women prefer sweet and men prefer savory popcorn. There will be plenty of exceptions to this, but it is a guide. Evaluate your guest list and the balance of sweet to savory items in the rest of your menu.


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Barbeque, Cajun, Cheddar Pretzel Ale, Creamy Dill, Garlic Parmesan, Guadalajara Hot Sauce, Honey Mustard, Hot and Spicy, Hot Jalapeno, Nacho Cheese, Pepper Pop Hot, Pizza, Sea Salt and Vinegar, Sour Cream and Chives, Wasabi, White Cheddar